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Cremation urns

Funeral urn or cremation urn is an ornamental container closed in which is stored the ashes of the dead after cremation.

There are many styles of cremation urns used by all civilizations and were decorated with symbolic representations of the deceased. These carved urns pay tribute to a love one by the family. It's a testament of the importance of that person in the community and reflects his past life.

Keeping this idea of customization, you enjoy our varied range of urns (funeral urn ceramic, wooden urns, granite urns, urns ... green) and loaded with customizable symbols.

Biodegradables urns

Creative and green ways for you  to leave this world.

Most of our biodegradable urns are manufactured by french designer. Our ecologic funeral urns are made for scattering at sea or burial land. They are made from non-toxic paper and glue.