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About Alternita - Custom cremation urns - Cremation urn - Urns for ashes


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Let us make knowledge

Alternita arose from the interest of Nadège Lagraa for art and from funeral art in particular. Having a quiet look on life and death, she realized that the death is the continuity of life and that death shall be faced without any taboos or obsessions

" Our real grave is not in the ground but in the heart of men " (Persian proverb).

We make ceramic cremation urns in our own worshop in the south of France and can supply custom cremation urns.
Alternita addresses to every person who has just lost a closed person or who wishes to choose herself her last resting place and who looks for an alternative in the traditional funeral art.
Without reference to any spiritual or religious faith, our funeral articles are chosen to pay a tribute more humanized and personalized to our dear lost.

ceramique raku

Our commitment

Inventive and respectful of craft quality job, Alternita create original and customizable cremation urns.

- Gives to the deceaseds the place which they deserve within the community and the family.

- Brings consolation to families by creating funeral urns loaded with symbols and made according to your desire

- Offers you new models and innovative funeral articles while preserving the craft and artistic step which is dear to our way of thinking

- Perpetuates the ceremony which accompanies the deceased to his last resting place.

We remain always attentive to your particular requests and are in your listening for any information or request you may have.


How to place order

- By mail to alternita@gmail.com : Fill the "Contact" form or send us a mail with the reference of the article, quantity, color, your adress and name, adress of delivery and all it seems useful or down load our "Order form" here. Order form

- By mail post to Alternita - 13 Rue Fraîche - 30230 Bouillargues - France. Write on free paper or down load our "Order form".


When we will receive your order we will send you a confirmation of price and time delivery and a link by Pay Pal to pay by card.

Choose your mode of payment by taking care to read our Conditions of sale: your order will be treated as soon as possible since your payment will have been accepted by our Bank.

You will quickly receive by mail a forwarding and confirmation of order.

Read also our "Shipping and payment" page.